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Belarus is a country which is situated in the east of Poland and the West of Russia. More than 15000 of the international students including the Indians visit this country for pursuing medical courses every year. The medical degree which is earned at Belarus is well recognized everywhere in the world. This degree can actually be quite a solid companion in your career making in any part of the entire world. Are you thinking of studying the medical course abroad? Then considering the MBBS in Belarus can be one of the best options as the quality of education which is being offered at the place is extremely high.

The medical colleges in Belarus are actually accredited by the global organizations like UNESCO, WHO and also MCI

The medical universities are fully equipped with the sophisticated laboratories and state of the art technology and this is one of the obvious reasons why thousands of the international students visit Belarus to study medicine. Most of the medical colleges there are actually accredited by the global organizations like the UNESCO, WHO and also the MCI.This country has around 15 of the medical universities with the University of Belarus being the premium university of the country. The medical institutions in this country offer the top class opportunities to the international students and they can enroll themselves in the medical courses of their choices without any sort of the hassle. Apart from that, the students can also save a considerable amount of their money as the cost of the medical course here is highly subsidized. The entire admission process is quite simple and straightforward and medical students in the Belarus universities get the best in class exposure. In fact, the medical courses of the country are recognized internationally for their in-depth and also the top quality of its syllabus. Most of the medical colleges in the country allow the English language as the medium of instruction to the Indian students throughout their course of study.

Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus

Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus

Vitebsk State Medical University was founded in November 1934. It included 32 theoretical and clinical departments. Since September 1981 Vitebsk State Medical University started to train the overseas students on Preliminary Training, Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties. The number of foreign students was increasing and in 1997 the Faculty of Overseas Students Training was opened. For the large merits in training physicians for public health of Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America, the Vitebsk State Medical University was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Students enrolled at the University will be admitted to the Preliminary Training Course. This is 10 months study program to learn Russian language and basic subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students who successfully pass all the exams after the Preliminary Training Course are transferred to the 1st year of the basic faculties. However, the students who want to study in English medium are admitted directly to the 1st year without Preliminary Training Course, but they will get a chance to study Russian as an international language.

* MBBS fees for Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus


1st Year Fee

2nd - 6th Year Fee / Year


USD 5,500

USD 5,500

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